VGETS: working towards operational security protocols and standards for the video game industry


As the video game industry continues to enjoy unprecedented success and a vast and ever-increasing user-base, it faces many of the same brand protection, fraud, and safety threats as other online platforms, as well as problems unique to the game industry. The Video Game Ethics, Trust, and Safety working group (VGETS) aims to address these challenges by leveraging existing knowledge and frameworks from related industries to develop new operational security standards for the video game sector.

By creating collaboration frameworks among trust and safety professionals in the video game industry and experts in cybersecurity, anti-abuse, law enforcement, and child safety, VGETS seeks to prevent and respond effectively to the unique problems faced by gaming. Our ultimate goal is to create a safer and more secure gaming experience for players, developers, and publishers alike.



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The Video Game Ethics Trust & Safety working group brings together experts from across the online industry sector who share the common goal of protecting the ecosystem by identifying, detecting and eliminating abusive activity and threats to ensure the safety of all stakeholders.


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